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File this one under "Stuff we knew, deep down inside." While discussing Sprint's future and the upcoming EVO 4G launch, CFO Bob Brust took a moment to talk about how the Palm Pre fared on his network:

"The Pre didn't work out as well as we hoped," he said. Brust said Sprint didn't have enough Pres to meet demand, which he said will not be an issue with the Evo

Not having enough phones to meet demand doesn't exactly jive with our memory of how the Pre fared on Sprint, but it's certainly the opposite problem that Verizon faced: too much inventory and not enough excitement. Either way, it's bittersweet to read that even the favorite network for most of our readers is now admitting they could have done better with the Pre. Let's hope we won't be waiting for a similar admission from AT&T in the months to come.

In any case, we're hoping Sprint can pull through and see brighter days, but we're not sure how much emphasis they'll be putting on the Pre now that they have their Android darling the EVO 4G. Add in Verizon's newfound love for the Droid Incredible and the anticipation for the iPhone HD on AT&T and it's looking like a tough summer for webOS. That HP buyout is looking sweeter by the day.

via @phonescooper