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When the Palm Pre came to Bell Mobility, many people were upset to see much of the added Sprint flavor missing, with nothing special added by Bell.  Some of the core programs of the Sprint Pre were in fact limited to Sprint. However, if you aren't afraid to do a bit of command line, it's now possible to hack programs like Sprint Navigation and AmazonMP3 onto the Bell Pre!

Outlined by Diov in out forums, the process is thankfully easier than it sounds.  Doiv has extracted the Sprint ipk files from the Sprint webOSDoctor (warning: these need to be installed differently than normal ipks, so just don't try it).  Essentially what you'd need to do is send the file to the Pre, and install it via command line. Full details can be found the the forum thread.

Currently Doiv has AmazonMP3, Sprint Navigation, and Sprint Link working on his Bell Pre.  Sprint Navigation requires signing up for an account, though apparently just entering you first and last names works and Sprint Navigation won't bug you about it again.  Unfortunately the Nascar and NFL apps don't work.

Now, the apps are part of a download Palm makes available to anyone and the apps are 'free' on Sprint, but that doesn't mean that we're looking at a pure-as-the-driven-snow act here. But hey, we tell you about efforts to make those Sprint apps go away, worth noting that others are clamoring to use them.