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I always enjoy some good April Fool's Day humor, especially when it involves gadgets. MobileCrunch has a good one on a new Palm smartphone called the 'Post' (pictured above), saying that Palm revealed it at CTIA 2009. Below is part of their fake Palm press release:

"Not only does this ensure that consumers will receive the highest quality mobile device possible, but by moving our top engineers to a new facility - The Orchid - we’ve been able to do what no other company has been able to achieve until now…we’ve preemptively included all of the features and technologies that our customers (and Sprint) will want come 2011 in the Post! In other words, thanks to the DHARMA Intiative, we no longer have to wait for months of testing and feedback, but instead can rely on the needs and desires consumers will develop in the not to distant future. This enables us to provide the best, most comprehensive smartphones available anywhere on planet Earth."

LOL, I love the "Lost" references! I also love the features that the 'Post' includes:

  • 3.5G / 4G / 5G octo-band radios
  • WiFi/WiMax connectivity
  • 21 MP digital camera
  • 4.1" AMOLED / E-ink "reader" dual mode display

Read the other specs and the full article here.

jkOnTheRun also wrote up a humorous April Fool's Day article. They talk about Palm canceling the Pre and announcing the 'Palm Peo' (Pay-o), which is the Pre in the Foleo:

"You only want to carry one device with you to do all you need to do both business and personal, and the Peo is your device. Imagine you get up in the morning and check your stocks right there on your Palm Peo. It’s always connected no matter where in the world you roam. Then you check your schedule to see what kind of day it’s going to be. Once you get to the office you can work on all the documents you need to until lunchtime. You decide to see if your friend Sue is free for lunch and you tap on her picture on the Peo screen. The Peo begins dialing Sue and when you hear her answer all you do is close the lid on the Peo and hold it up to your ear. You’re talking to Sue and make lunch plans and when you’re finished you simply set the Peo down and open the lid. The call is automatically ended, just that simply."

Head on over to jkOnTheRun to read the full article. ;-)

My Nokia Blog says that Nokia is going to buy Palm for $4.1 billion! The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter of 2009. Well, heck, I'm going to buy Nokia with my pocket change, so I guess that means I'll also own Palm. I'll be handing out free Pre's to all of you when that day arrives. I wish ;-)

The Official Palm Blog posted up an article today saying that they'd thought about doing a little April Fool's Day prank, and then described what the prank could have been. But instead of a prank, they said that they're giving us a heads-up (for real) to check back later today (or follow palm_inc on Twitter) for an update direct from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

Thanks for the tip William and Woody!

So, we'll just have to wait and see if Palm will actually tell us anything new. A Pre release date sure would be nice! Come on Palm!!!