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WebOS and Windows Mobile

Of all the smartphone platforms in play for this year’s Smartphone Round Robin, webOS is clearly the very newest. Outside of our own Dieter Bohn, none of the other Smartphone Experts network sites editors participating in the Round Robin had had significant face time with webOS, and that includes WMExperts editor Phil Nickinson. So when Phil got a Palm Pre and a Palm Pixi shoved into each hand, we left him on the side of the road asking, “Whaaaa?”

Thankfully, the trusty and knowledgeable members of the PreCentral community stepped up and gave Phil the help he needed so that he could knock out a comparative review of webOS in a week’s time. It helps that the webOS user interface is incredibly easy to learn and navigate.

Phil came away with plenty of observations about webOS, especially with how Palm’s rebirth comes as Windows Mobile seems to be losing its footing. What all did Phil think about webOS, the Pre, and the Pixi? Well, we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so you should head on over the WMExperts to see what he has to say about webOS cards, apps, and hardware.

Of course, if you want a Pre or Pixi for yourself (or a loved one), we’re here to help you out. All you have to do is leave a post in a Smartphone Round Robin thread in the PreCentral forums and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Pre or a Pixi. Cool, eh? Of course, there are some rules, so read up before posting down. And stay tuned in the next week as Casey Chan of Android Central takes on webOS (he just tackled Windows Mobile) and Dieter gets hands-on time with Nokia’s S60 and Maemo. Hopefully he can wash that iPhone smell off his hands first.