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This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

When you are filling out forms on the TouchPad, many fields will provide you with a dropdown of values to choose from instead of field where you input raw text. You may notice that the dropdown listing doesn't always use up the entire screen to display possible values, but instead are stuck in a small window. There are two reasons why this happens.

First, if you still had the virtual keyboard shown on the screen prior to tapping the dropdown field, this will reduce the "available" screen space for the dropdown selection. If you dismiss the keyboard first and then tap on the dropdown, the values listing should take up as much space as needed on the screen.

However, there are other times when the selection list is small for no obvious reason. In these scenarios, tap elsewhere on the screen to exit out of the dropdown without choosing a value and then tap on it again. The second time you load up the listing should utilize the entire screen.



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