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Developing for webOS is a lot easier than learning a complex programming language, as it requires mostly only web design skills. So theoretically anyone could learn to be a webOS developer. But creating apps is like any other creative venture in that sometimes you run out of ideas for what to create. On the flip side, there are a lot of apps we wish existed but don’t know to whom we should suggest them. The Internet Wishlist bridges that gap between the creators and the consumers.

If you have a great idea for an app you would like to see built, all you have to do is send out a tweet with the hashtag #theiwl. If you have a good idea, they will post it to the site. Only the best ideas will make it to the site.

If you are a developer in search of inspiration, the interface is very easy to navigate. It looks like an idea board with little notes stuck to it. You can also search by tags. If you click the little thumbtack on an idea, you can read or post comments. There is also a link to the Twitter profile of the person who suggested it.

You should not have to wade through too much junk to find good ideas, since the site says, “only the most forward thinking ideas will be shared on this site and on Twitter @theiwl.” But many of the ideas posted are nonsensical fantasies like "I wish the Internet could replicate smell and taste, especially smell," or "I wish there was an app that projected your imagination out into the open." But the majority of them are practical, useful ideas.

So, webOS developers, get out there and start creating. We don’t have the biggest app catalog but maybe we can have the most innovative.