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Although webOS has a built-in mechanism to save a photo from a text message, saving a video is a little more complicated. In order to save a video, you need to either connect your phone to a computer and put it in USB mode, or use the Homebrew app Internalz to access the filesystem of your phone.


  • Once in USB mode, you want to look for the ".attachments" directory (via Internalz, you would want "/media/internal/.attachments"), then navigate to the "mms" subdirectory, and then you will find a potentially long list of additional subdirectories that are named with just a long string of numbers.
  • Screenshot of Internalz - Saving Video from<br />
MMSIf you just received the video, then you should be able to go to the last directory in that list and you should find the video.
  • If you had since received additional photos or videos since the video you are searching for, you may need to search within a few other folders until you find the one you are looking for.
  • Once you find the video you are searching for, you will want to copy it out of that directory and put it elsewhere on your device or onto your computer.
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