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 We confirmed many moons ago that SanDisk was providing the storage chips for the HP TouchPad, and like many of the vendors that are contributing to the webOS tablet, they’ve had a few to show off here and there. The latest showing was at Computex, in the SanDisk booth, where Gadgets Magazine was able to snag a video of a newer build of webOS 3.0, complete with its darker interface.

While SanDisk managed to not spill any beans about what else might be in store for webOS 3.0, they did briefly show off the People magazine app developed for the TouchPad. We saw it before at Think Beyond, but only in portrait mode, but SanDisk’s demo guy was more than willing to turn the tablet every which way, rotating and reformatting the People app along with it from a three-column layout in landscape to two rearranged columns in tall-and-skinny mode. Apart from that, there were many new revelations (a revised but not earth-shattering Contacts skin, for example), and our first live look at a TouchPad in its case, but flopped open and sitting on a Touchstone stand while simultaneously plugged in with a cable. Check out the video after the break.