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Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

We heard a couple of weeks ago from an anonymous tipster that RadioShack might End of Lifed (EOL) both the Sprint Pre and Pixi - but, you know, we weren't sure how we felt about the rumor. Today, however, All Things D saw the writing on the wall, er, web page today, noting that the PRe and Pixi are gone from RadioShack's site and nearly gone from physical stores. 

We'd like to think that this portends that the Sprint Pre and Pixi will get plussed, not that The Shack is no longer interested in webOS. That's probably just blind optimism in these dark times, right?

Update: Several readers pointed us to this WSJ story confirming the rumor - looks like Radio Shack is dropping webOS devices in favor of other devices:

"I understand that the Pre will be replaced by a BlackBerry product and Pixi will be replaced by a messaging-centric device," said Sprint spokeswoman. "These are very logical changes to newer models from Sprint."

Thanks to anonymous tipsters!