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We've been waiting for what seems like has been ages here in the States for the latest version of webOS, complete with support for indie 3D titles, to come available.  We thought we'd see the update last month when a Sprint reseller got word that the update was going to hit on the 7th, but that time has come and gone without so much as a peep from Palm or Sprint regarding the update. So no promises this will pan out. At all.

However, a tipster from our forums has dropped word that Sprint's 3rd party ISC Portal suggests that the update is imminent. It should bring the same change log that we first saw last month. Note that the release notes below are in line with what we hear from developers already running 1.4.5:

The new build # is 268.

Palm Pre Software Update to webOS
Specialists: All Customers: Palm Pre Users
Effective Date: 8/10/10
Details: A software update is available for the Palm Pre on 08/10/2010.

Fixes, Feature Updates and Enhancements 

Web: Podcasts now download correctly. Web: text entry can now be entered correctly 
Email: Sprint branded default email signature correctly branded Power consumption / battery optimization
Videos: A user can now send a video via multimedia messaging from the Video application 
Video: the video trim feature now works to send in a message. 
Sprint TV: Upgrade to V 3.5.4 
Sprint TV: Enhanced Parental controls

No word whether this build still has the webOS 1.4.5 game-save bug (we'd like the think the delay between this release and the non-US release came from the time it took to fix that bug). We've all had our hopes up that this release was imminent enough times that we're not really recommending you start hitting that update app just yet - but then again it has mysteriously appeared for one user, though we're betting in that case the Pixi Radio Swap had something to do with it.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks, leprecub!