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Sprint webOS users: you may want to hold off on the repeated tapping of the refresh button in the Updates app that ensues before an update for at least a little while, as presumed Sprint employee and P|C forum member leprecub has it on good authority that webOS version will be hitting Sprint on the 7th - a few days later than some of the European carriers, but in plenty of time before the upcoming PDK Hot Apps competition, which begins on the 15th that'll dole out a cool $1 million to C/C++ developers.

In addition to the change log we've already seen on Palm's own website, leprecub has a few more details on what to expect beyond the ability to deploy PDK apps on the Pixi that include always welcome power consumption and battery optimization enhancements amongst others:

Palm Pre Software Update to webOS
Customers: Palm Pre Users
Effective Date: 7/7/10

This should update your Sprint configuation to 2.5.

Details: A software update is available for the Palm Pre on 07/07/2010.
Fixes, Feature Updates and Enhancements

  • Web: Podcasts now download correctly. 
  • Web: text entry can now be entered correctly 
  • Email: Sprint branded default email signature correctly branded 
  • Power consumption / battery optimization 
  • Videos: A user can now send a video via multimedia messaging from the Video application 
  • Video: the video trim feature now works to send in a message. 
  • Sprint TV: Upgrade to V 3.5.4 
  • Sprint TV: Enhanced Parental controls 

Source: PreCentral forums, thanks to everyone who sent this in!