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Euro Palm Pre Plus As the title says, the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are rumored to be headed to European carrier (and current webOS carrier) O2 in April of this year. If true, it would mark the first time that the Pixi or Pixi Plus has been made available outside the United States. The anonymous tip, sent in to the popular UK technology blog Tracy and Matt, indicates that the two phones will be identical to the devices available on Verizon. With the notable exception of having GSM radios instead of CDMA.

In addition to the Pixi coming to Europe, this would also be the first time a “successor” webOS device appeared on the same network as the original, in this case the Pre Plus appearing alongside or replacing the older Pre on O2. The Pre Plus has been certified in Europe for some time, though we had always expected that was for SFR. Additional details such as pricing, exact release date, plans, and unlock status, were not available.

There is one potential wrench in the works here, though - Palm requested that the FCC keep details on the P101UEU confidential until September 11th. So while it's looking like a GSM Palm Pre Plus is a sure thing, when and where it will land is still murky.

[via: webOS Blog.de]