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HP Zeen filing document

We can't say that we weren't (and aren't still) somewhat puzzled when we first heard about HP's Zeen, an Android powered tablet with a 7" capacitive touchscreen that will act as an interface with a bundled printer (the "Zeus", we're told), earlier this month.

Chinese tech paper Digitimes, citing "upstream component makers," has some of the hardware details of the upcoming tablet computer and is anticipating a September launch of the device. The innards of the Zeen are very much in line with the rumored low-end nature of the device: iIt will be powered by an ARM-based processor from Freescale,  have 512MB of RAM, a diplay resolution of 800x400 (again, a 7-inch screen), and only 4 GB of NAND flash for storage.

Digitimes explained that the project is handled by HP's printer division and was planned well before the company's acquisition of Palm. Because of that, it was too late to scrap the project in lieu of a webOS based system - but we can't help but thinking that HP having three tablet computers running three different operating systems is a fairly absurd business move.

As with anything originating from Digitimes, a healthy dose of skepticism is encouraged: they don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to upcoming products, but it's still worth taking a look. These specs (and the release date) don't seem too off from what we've heard about the Zeen so far, though, so this one just might be plausible.

Source: DigiTimes; Via: Electronista