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Don't think the tiny little Veer is going to be phone enough for you? It's phone enough for Palm GBU vice president Jon Rubinstein. He just pulled it out of his pocket at the Engadget Show and said it is indeed his main phone right now. Rubinstein played it very straight when drilled by Joshua Topolsky about pricing and release date: letting out only that it's coming "very soon." So soon, in fact, that it won't have Touch-to-Share capabilities at launch (naturally, since theh TouchPad won't be out yet) - that feature will be release as an over-the-air update.

When the conversation moved on to the Pre 3, Rubinstein said only that the Pre 3 is currently in the certification process with carriers - which would line it up just right for the "Summer" release.

With the Touch-to-Share feature with the TouchPad and phones, Rubinstein clarified that it will work with "any URL," which primarily means web pages. However it will be extended and they will be releasing an API for 3rd party developers to create their own uses for it.

Rubinstein and Topolsky are still chatting up as we write this, so hit the source link for more. Of course we'll let you know if more news comes out of the interview.

Source: The Engadget Show