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Welcome to Round Table, which is in fact not a table at all. Round Table is a continuing series on PreCentral where we pose a question to the staff and they provide their thoughts and insights. The question could be something simple like “how do you keep your phone secure?” or something a bit more complicated, like “how should HP convince customers to buy a TouchPad over an iPad?” Or maybe we’ll just end up rambling about how lanterns are so much cooler than flashlights. Today, however, we’re tackling an existential question, one that most all webOS users are familiar with: what do you plan to do “in the coming months” while we await the release of the Veer (maybe soon?), Pre 3, and TouchPad?

Adam: Since I don't want to wait a couple months for new hardware, I figure I will open a new line with Verizon and get an HTC Thunderbolt, play with it for 14 days and then return it. Then go to T-Mobile and check out the G2x for 2 weeks before returning that. Then, off to AT&T for a white iPhone4 and of course return that, too. In the meantime, I will pick up a Blackberry Playbook for Sprint, a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom from Costco and an iPad directly from Apple, then return each of them all before my trial period is up.

That way, when the Pre 3 and Touchpad come out, I will be able to fully appreciate the awesomeness that is webOS. And who know, maybe I can also pick up a job writing Tips of the Day for those other Smartphone Experts sites from what I learned in those two weeks with each device!

Derek: Right now: waiting for Google Maps to load. I’m not sure if it will be done by the time I can get a Pre 3, which will be a problem if I need to find the nearest Sprint store. Please, oh please, let me have a reason to find the nearest Sprint store. I’m thinking I might take up knitting; you know, fun stuff like socks, mittens, straitjackets, those goofy caps with big ear flaps and a ball on the top. I’m also going to spend some time inputting every combination of profane words and insults I can think of into the my custom webOS autocorrect dictionary. You might not think “gogglearmed vaporboating tortoisegargler” is much of an insult, but when it’s coming at you from an enraged webOS blogger wearing a goofy cap (with big ear flaps and a ball on top) who can’t find the nearest Sprint store, well, you might just run away like the tortoisegargler that you are accused of being.

Dieter: I plan on spending the coming months writing a comprehensive tome on the different ways of saying "in the coming months." With chapters on "soon," "TBA," and "later this year," it will be the go-to source for all your impending release language needs. There will also be a complete guide on the different ways to both express and interpret spans of time based on the seasons, including appendices on the Gregorian, Julian, Modified French Revolutionary, Islamic, Coptic, Chinese, and Mayan calendars. I will also get better at cooking bacon, because that's a skill I've really let lapse in an unacceptable way.

Jonathan: Coming up with sneaky, devious ways to convince my wife that I need a Pre 3 and TouchPad. And haunting the App Catalog for the next Angry Birds installment.

Riz: In the coming months I plan on rearranging my sock drawer, writing ‘The Great American Novel,’ and probably discovering if there’s an afterlife. Also, I’m coming up with creative new uses for my Pre Minus to help pass the time while I’m waiting for apps to open. I’ve found it makes for an excellent oyster shucker/boomerang/door stopper. The mirror’s also great for checking if I need to shave again while waiting for Google Maps to load.

Finally, I’m putting forth last-ditch efforts to keep my friends from going to other platforms. So far, “Wow! That Evo really accentuates your pinhead,” and “Hmm, that Epic 4G’s nice, but does it make your butt look big?” have been met with only marginal success. Thankfully the wait’s almost over; I seem to be running out of friends for some reason...

Tim: If Appible, AppBookShop and Brighthouse Labs still feel the need to create such a massive number of apps in our still growing catalog, someone has to be making some money off of them. There are literally hundreds of these apps in the catalog, and more are being published every week. So what do I plan to do over the next few months while waiting for more news about upcoming devices? Why, I'll create my own app empire to compete with these behemoths of the Catalog, of course. We can't beat them out of the catalog, and everyone knows that HP needs some big app numbers to attract more attention from developers. My plan would essentially be killing two birds with hundreds of tiny stones. Pebbles, if you will.

By themselves they may not be much, but just wait until my trailer dumps a full load of BS (that's bite-sized, for those wondering) apps on you. It's a sure-fire plan to keep myself busy while waiting for the news, make two or three dollars in sales, and to give a lot of fodder for the app reviews here on PreCentral. I'll send some Promo Codes to Dieter or Derek so they can download each of my apps and review them. That's enough app reviews for every single day for an entire year! If you ever questioned whether or not I loved our little community here, that answer should be easily seen now.

So... there you have it. That's what our demented minds have planned for the coming months. What about you? The comments await...