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The upcoming AT&T “Meet the Expert - webOS Q&A” webinar this Thursday, November 4th, just got more interesting for those considering attending.  AT&T has announced that they will be giving away a Palm Pre Plus to two lucky webinar attendees.  Free Palm Pre Plus phones, an overview of webOS 2.0, and an in depth Q&A with expert webOS developers Greg Hrebek and James Harris are helping shape this webinar into a very worthwhile event.

AT&T is clearly making strides to continue support of webOS development.  The intent of this November 4th webinar, as reported previously, is to continue the momentum gained among developers of other OS platforms from previous webinars and to capitalize on both the announcement of webOS 2.0 and upcoming new webOS devices.

Let us summarize by saying one word, "free."  Free is good, as in free to register with AT&T's developer program, free to attend this webOS webinar and last but not least, two free Palm Pre Plus phones up for grabs for attendees. 

Source: AT&T Developer Program; Thanks @mahootzki