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Hot on the heels of yesterday's webOS 2.0-a-palooza, QuickOffice this morning confirmed via Twitter and its linked press release that, while the version of QuickOffice bundled with webOS 2.0 is read-only, that's a temporary situation:

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is the only webOS mobile solution to provide comprehensive viewing for Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files along with mobile cloud storage access to a variety of services, including Google® docs, Box.net and Dropbox. By combining the rich development tools of webOS with Quickoffice's years of technical experience building robust mobile office applications, Quickoffice was able to deliver an advanced app with a user-friendly interface. Quickoffice enables mobile users to remain productive when away from the office. In the near future, users will be able to purchase an upgrade which will enable robust editing of Office files, including those stored in the cloud, allowing users to make edits, share via email and/or easily save back to their remote repositories.

(emphasis added)

Now it's true, webOS users have heard such promises before, notably from DataViz, whose DocumentsToGo still promises editing in the future, both in the app and on its mobile site, notwithstanding DataViz' own announcements to the contrary. Still, and perhaps because of that history, we are cautiously optimistic that QuickOffice really means it, and that the "near future" will be near enough that our newly enabled Bluetooth keyboards in webOS 2.0 (Finally!) won't be underutilized for long.

Source: QuickOffice