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It hasn’t been that long since webOS 3.0.4 came out, and though the user-facing changes were minor enough, the back-end changes were enough to warrant updates to document editor Quickoffice, document reader Adobe Reader, and the App Catalog itself. The App Catalog’s update came primarily to address issues with promo codes since webOS 3.0.4 – a pleasantly-fast turnaround facilitated by the decoupled nature of the App Catalog app and webOS as an operating system.

Quickoffice and Adobe Reader received updates to take advantage of the improvements in webOS 3.0.4. As you may recall from Jonathan’s review of Quickoffice's document-editing update, the app was prone to freezing, lagging, and other elements of frustration that simply made it a pain in the butt to use. With the improvements to Enyo in webOS 3.0.4, the folks at Quickoffice were able to make improvements to their namesake app that greatly enhance the experience. As best as we can tell, no new features were added to the apps, but the fact that Quickoffice can now handle large and small documents with smoothness and ease makes it feel like a whole new app.