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TouchPad owners who want a simple (free) text editor for managing documents will likely appreciate the work done by Obsessive Media with the Typewriter Beta application. With only two views and plenty of ways to apply the app to your daily life, Typewriter Beta is an app that everyone should try out at some point. It uses Markdown for editing the documents, providing a no-frills approach to creating
"rich documents" while still making the finished product look really good. The ability to sync with Dropbox or share a Markdown document make it easy to keep your files organized and synced with a desktop as well, though the process of deleting them from the device could use a little work. As the app says in the description:

"Markdown lets you create rich documents by entering text in a simple format that's easy to read and write. No bells and whistles, no buttons and wizards; just you and your text."

If you don't know what Markdown is, you'll learn it quickly enough once you start using Typewriter Beta. Many fans of Markdown even find it to be faster and less time-wasting than traditional WYSIWYG editors (like what you get in other note taking applications). Type now and format the text later - that's what Typewriter Beta is good for. Grab it from the app catalog today for free and see how it fits with your life.