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There is something very satisfying about taking a candid photo of your friend without them knowing, but we all know how difficult that can be to accomplish when they see you pull out a phone to take the shot. Their shouts of "Put your phone away!" or "I can't let my family see this photo!" are the only things keeping you from hitting that green shutter button and uploading the images to Facebook. With Sneaky Pics by DezignApps, you can wave your friends woes away with a quick flip of your fingers, and they won't know anything until the unflattering image is securely displayed for all of the online world to see later that night. It's better to ask for forgivness, right?

For $0.99, you can get the app Sneaky Pics from your webOS smartphone's app catalog right now, and start taking those photos as discreetly as is currently possible. The app itself has no view of what is being taken in the camera, and in fact looks identical to the messaging app where you might send an SMS; all while holding a power unknown by your helpless victims. Use the keyboard to type a letter and take a photo at the same time (which are saved to a Sneak Pics album); no one will ever know the difference. It's just too bad that it still makes the camera shutter sound if you have the audio turned on (which is easy to forget about), otherwise, we might have called the app perfect.