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HP has recently released a new application for what looks like the purpose of helping their retails sales teams (from renewed carrier relationships) close the sale on the latest HP smartphones and to show off the best features of webOS to whatever interested person might be around. The purpose is simple: Say your friend wants to know something about multitasking or Card Stacks: Just launch the app, flick up or down to find the option that says "True Multitasking with stacks" and tap it to launch a video demonstrating that webOS feature.

At least, that's the video it would be showing, but instead it goes to instructions on how to use a Touchstone charging dock, not card stacks. Unfortunately, that is not the only problem that we noticed when giving a quick glance over (they also called the 3G Veer device the 'Veer 4G'), the app is also pretty bare bones to be considered a tool for "selling webOS". Then again, this could be for merely training salespeople on how webOS works. How better to demonstrate on the phone where they can then try it out?

But hey, it's HP, and we can't really tell why they release these things sometime (we just deliver the message). Maybe you can find some use for it, or maybe you'd just like to see the videos that they created to put in the app. Either way, go ahead and check it out for yourself. Can't say we didn't warn you.

Update: no surprise, but it looks like the app has been pulled.