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Puzzle fans who like games like Ancient Frog and Droplets might be excited to see a new game coming soon to an App Catalog near you called Quell. Although we have not had hands on playing time yet, it looks like it involves sliding a water droplet in lateral moves to get to all of the little items without exceeding a certain number of moves. The game features a soundtrack of gentle music by composer and pianist Steven Cravis. The environment between levels is that of a living room in an old country house. It looks to have very good artwork and a nice musical score. It should be a relaxing, take your time, kind of puzzle game that will make you think ahead and plan your moves. Developer Fallen Tree is putting some finishing touches on it and will soon submit it to the App Catalog. Be sure to check out the game play video after the break.

Quell screenshot






Source: Fallentreegames.com