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Quick App: PictureIt
by Robert Werlinger on 12/14/2009 | Filed Under: Apps; Tags: Codinary, PictureIt | 24 comments

Image search on the mobile web can often be cumbersome; using Google image search to find hilarious pictures of cats superimposed with human faces or your favorite sports star is more of an unwieldy task than perhaps it should be , and it doesn't get much easier when using the likes of Bing, Photobucket or Flickr to accomplish this task. 

PictureIt, by Codinary, looks to provide an elegant solution to this problem by utilizing an interface that's very similar to the stock webOS photo viewing application to browse image results from Google, Bing, Flickr, and Photobucket.  The interface allows for the movement between results with a simple flick to the left or right, thumbnail view, and the ability to share and download photos directly from the application

Convenience in this case comes with a price, and PictureIt can be found in the App Catalog (direct link for Pre and Pixi users) for a penny shy of $2.00.