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Quick App: Chat
by Nathan Mylott on 3/17/2011 | Filed Under: Apps; Tags: Apps, social networking | 4 comments

Despite the over abundance of static social networking sites and apps popping up all over the Internet and mobiles like pimples on the adolescents who flock to them, it is still fun sometimes to jump into a live conversation for small talk with strangers. Chat rooms are as old as the Internet and their evolution into social networks like Facebook and Twitter has made them obsolete. But you can still kick it 90’s style on your phone with a new and still growing app.

Simply put, Chat is a chat room on your webOS device. With a recent update, it became a very robust chat app. You bounce around between themed rooms (though the conversation rarely has much to do with the theme) or make a new one. You create a basic profile with a photo and a couple sentences about yourself (though few even bother to do that much). Whatever you say in those rooms is said to everyone.

You can tap on anyone’s name in the chat to see their profile or tap another button to send them a private message. You can add them to your friends list to see when they’re online, send them messages, and even send them a picture message. There’s an advanced search function to find specific users or browse those of a certain age and gender. You can have multiple pictures on your profile and enlarge the pictures you see on others’ profiles, both features that surprisingly few social networking apps allow.

Chat rooms have long had a reputation of being a gathering place for those who dwell on the fringe of society but common sense tells us there are just as many good people in them as there are anywhere. While you will encounter plenty of trolls and perverts in Chat, as you do in any social app or site, this is a fun anonymous way to find someone to talk to. Just remember not to give out any personal information, don’t open pictures from people you don’t know, and ignore the provocations into drama and you’ll have plenty of fun with it.

There is also a paid version of the app that gets rid of the ads.