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A month ago when webOS 1.4.5 first hit we quickly learned that there was a problem under the hood: the now-sandboxed PDK apps lacked the permissions to properly write to the media/internal partition. What this meant was fairly simple: it suddenly became difficult for PDK apps to save data, meaning that all that time you put into working your way through N.O.V.A. was lost.

Thankfully, the fine folks at WebOS Internals know their way around webOS fairly well, so they patched up webOS 1.4.5 in short order and released the Emergency Fstab Fixer. Simply put, Fstab Fixer fixes the problem, enabling PDK apps to write with ease.

webOS 1.4.5 hit in Europe first, bringing the problem to light, and Palm delayed the roll-out to fix it, giving birth to webOS Except never came. The world was shocked and blown away (okay, exaggerating there) when this week webOS 1.4.5 was pushed for Sprint, with the bug still intact a month after it was discovered and fixed. Thankfully, Emergency Fstab Fixer is still works and is still available for your PDK fun. With PDK apps of clear importance to Palm’s long-term strategy, here’s hoping that a quick update is pushed in short order to render the patch a moot point.