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This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

While webOS phones have an Option (Orange/Silver) key that give you the ability to tap on links, photos, email address or phone numbers to perform a variety of context-specific, that TouchPad is clearly lacking this hardware key. Instead, you can now press-and-holding on these areas to access those additional options. So, if you see a hyperlinked website address, email address or phone number, or you find a photo on a website, just press-and-hold for more options. For example, a link in the web browser will allow you to open that link in a new card, share the link or copy the URL to the clipboard, while press-and-holding on a photo in the browser also allows you to copy that picture to the device, share the image via email or set as your wallpaper. And this is not limited to just the web browser, as it will work in the email app and others.

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