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Our friend Marco went out to the preDevCamp at Palm HQ in Sunnyvale, California, and lucky us, he took a video camera and blogged it up (mad props to you, mate!). Aside from some delicious-looking pizza, we also got a look at a few applications that were developed/refined during the programming sessions.

First up is an app that pulls dream summaries posted online down to the device, refreshing with the accelerometer shake API. Next was a video poker app, followed by Word Ace, by Self-Aware Games, described as a combination of Texas Hold’em and Scrabble. Word Ace was demonstrated working on multiple platforms and playing together in peace and harmony on two Pres and an iPhone. Once released, Word Ace looks to be a very in-depth application, with profile support, awards, and more. Another attendee coded up a simple little accelerometer app that bounces a tiny Palm logo around the screen as you tilt the phone. The developer behind Twee was also in attendance and demonstrated the slick CSS3 animations used in his application.

Scientific RPN Calculator Lastly there’s Marco, who showed off his amazingly slick scientific calculator, inspired by those classic 1980’s scientific calculators. The app supports haptic feedback (it vibrates with each virtual button press) and includes a very useful in-calculator unit converter. The latest version of Marco’s Scientific RPN Calculator app is available in the PreCentral.net Homebrew Apps center and will land in the App Catalog as soon as Palm opens it up.

Tony Peric of PreThinking was also at the preDevCamp at Palm HQ and provided a liveblog of the event. Interesting notes include an application development checklist and Palm’s preferred UI development tool (Adobe Fireworks). Palm even gave away a copy of Adobe CS4 to one lucky attendee.

Oh, and by the way - the preDevCamp Developer Challenge is on!  They've published the official rules and we're publishing the apps they're creating -- all right here at this special homebrew apps page.  Be sure to rate the apps you see there - the top app will garner a Palm Pre for its developer.  Meanwhile, developers from preDevCamp have until this Saturday, August 15th, midnight Pacific time to submit their apps - be sure to contact us to learn how to submit!

Were you at preDevCamp? Sound off in the comments a let us know how it went where you were!