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Yeah, we’re jealous. PreCentral Forum member pdch got his hands on something we want with a rather intense desire: the Bluetooth-enabled Touchstone Audio Dock. For those not familiar with this unreleased and unannounced next iteration of Palm’s Touchstone charger, the Audio Dock was designed with the HP Pre3 in mind, lifting it up at a higher angle with a more bracket-like shape. It also packs a Bluetooth receiver that outputs audio to a 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s something we really really really want, but can’t have (sad blogger panda).

But pdch can have, in fact, he has. He managed to get his hands on the Touchstone Audio Dock and has been putting the inductive charger through its paces. He reports that the new Touchstone actually charges his Pre3 faster than a standard Touchstone (in addition to holding on to it better with a more concave shape) and he has only been able to successfully pair it with said Pre3 (An original Pre paired, but couldn’t broadcast audio). The Touchstone Audio Dock also managed to output audio that pdch described as “as good as if not better than connecting directly to my receiver.” We’re pleased by that, but not surprised – we use a USB-to-3.5mm adapter to output audio from our computer; somehow the added digital connection makes for much cleaner audio.

This is what envy feels like.