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As great, grand, and glorious as the Palm Pre will be, those using the Sprint version will find that their Pre has an Achilles Heel. Pam Deziel, Palm's vice president of software product management, confirmed at Mobile World Congress on Tuesday that the U.S. Sprint version of the Pre won't be able to surf the Internet and engage a call at the same time. Bummer!

The reason why the U.S. version of the Pre is affected this way is due to the EVDO network that Sprint uses in the U.S. - it can't run data and voice simultaneously. Data must be suspended while on a call, but resume when the call is completed. The Pre that will be released in Europe is a UMTS device for the European carrier's UMTS network. UMTS allows for simultaneous use of voice and data. Will this chink in the Pre's armor be enough to discourage any of you from buying the Sprint version? Will you wait for a GSM unlocked Pre instead?

Thanks, William, for the tip!