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Just the other day I was asked by a business associate what I thought about Sprint for the Pre?  She has been using a Treo 680 on AT&T.  I had to pause.  

For sure, I felt AT&T was bringing up the rear.  If having a GSM phone were not a requirement, then I’d recommend either Verizon or Sprint.  I also said that in the ideal scenario, Verizon would buy Sprint and then we’d be able to confidently play on the best network with what promises to be an awesome, iPhone killer.

Why Palm selected Sprint is pretty obvious to me.  AT&T has the iPhone.  Verizon has committed a lot of resources to the promotion of the BlackBerry Storm.  And Sprint… Sprint is hungry and probably a lot more motivated to partner up with a company that has an “eye of the tiger” determination to get back into the ring and be relevant.

But circling back to the question, it comes down to that equation again:

Quality Calls + Cool Phone + Affordable Pricing Plan = Customer Win

Can Sprint and Palm deliver?  Now that is the real question!  Hopefully we’ll find out the answer soon.