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We’re TouchPad fanboys here, but we know our favorite webOS tablet has some shortcomings. But one of our biggest annoyances is navigation in text fields. Rather, the lack of navigation. If you want to place a cursor in editable text, you have to tap. Missed the mark? Tap again. And again. And again. It’s painful to get a cursor placed, especially considering that you can drag it around by holding down the Opt key.

As usual, the webOS homebrew community has delivered. If you’re editing text on a TouchPad, you can be assured that the virtual keyboard will be on the screen. So PreCentral forum member Maverickz decided to add to that keyboard, slapping left and right arrow keys on either side of the number row and putting a full complement of navigational arrows and home/end buttons into the symbols keyboard.

Installation instructions are at the source link, and, well, it’s better than what we’ve got now. It’s not the most elegant solution (we would prefer something where we can drag the cursor along with our fingers) but it’ll definitely do.