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Ready for this? The chaps over at Engadget have gotten their hands on a pair of internal renders for the upcoming webOS tablet, and they’re dishing that there will in fact be two tablets: a 9-inch device with the previously-leaked Topaz codename, and a smaller 7-inch tablet codenamed Opal.

The renders, one front, one back, echo the design cues previously rumored, with a smooth rounded design all around, excepting an edge around the display. The tablet design borrows heavily from the Pre 2, excepting the glossy back design and giant HP logo (though the Palm name is definitely present). The bottom of the tablet shows a gesture area, and we would hope that the rest of the bezel is touch sensitive so it can rotate along. Additionally, there looks to be a micro-USB port on the base and a pair of speakers along the side, with possibly another at the top we aren’t seeing (so it can rotate in stereo like the Vizio tablet). And yes, up top, that does look to be a front-facing camera.

webOS itself seems to have received only minor tweaks in this render, with a search icon in the bottom left part of the notification area (since you can’t “just type” without a physical keyboard) and more icons in the Quick Launch bar. We can’t really glean much else, as the rendered cards are just web browser windows.

Engadget’s source says that the tablets will be arriving at Palm HQ in June, with production ramping up for later in the year. According to the internal marketing slide they received, the 7-inch Opal wil come in Wi-Fi, AT&T 3G, and Verizon LTE versions in September, with AT&T LTE on AT&T in July 2012. The Opal also will carry a heavy eReader emphasis, as well as “premium audio,” which we would guess mean’s HP’s star audio system Dr. Dre Beats.

Overall it looks good, but the launch timeframe of September 2011 is painfully far away. By that time the BlackBerry Playbook, Motorola Xoom, and iPad 2 will all have likely hit the market and raised the bar just a bit higher. Then again, that’s just for the Opal – the 9-inch Topaz might become available much earlier in the year. There’s still a lot of unknown about the Topaz and Opal (like launch date for the Topaz), specs, software, and pricing. Either way, we’re excited.

Update: We're also apparently looking at 1.2GHz processors and, thankfully, it appears the 9" Topaz "may arrive before Opal."