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Since a lot of users had issues after Palm's 1.03 update broke the PalmOS emulator Classic, MotionApps is doing everybody a solid by extending the trial an extra 7 days for all users, as they've just mentioned in our forums:

Given the issues most Classic users experienced two weeks ago that were caused by incomplete 1.0.3 update Palm released, we decided to extend trial for all the users that have, or used to have Classic on their devices.

This means that all users who ever had Classic on their phones, or the users that are still evaluating Classic, can try the latest version free of charge for 7 more days starting from today. Of course, this will not affect users that have purchased Classic - they can continue using Classic without any limitations.

This will provide all of you with an opportunity to have a smooth trial of the new 1.1 Classic version, and the opportunity to meet new Classic that comes with significant improvements.

They're not kidding about the extra features in 1.1, including different speed modes, sound, and the ability to pinch / zoom in to hit those buttons designed for styli.  Find more info on the 1.1 update here.