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Mark Spoonauer of Laptop Magazine has written up an interesting article in which he gives 5 reasons why Palm's WebOS could shake up the netbook world.

Netbooks have been popping out all over the place lately. The Asus Eee PC sold like hotcakes and other companies have been putting out netbooks since. I picked up a Dell Mini 9 myself, and I love that little thing. Netbooks are small and lightweight, making them much more portable than the average laptop. I love netbooks but some of them are pretty expensive, depending on the amount of memory and the type of processor you get. I would love to have a netbook running Palm's WebOS.

Spoonauer mentions that WebOS plays nice with ARM processors and links to a Laptop Mag article by Joanna Stern in which she says that an analyst claims that the ARM based processor will take 55% of the netbook market by 2012.

James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun wrote an article in which he talks about Spoonauer's thoughts about netbooks running WebOS. Kendrick agrees and notes that netbooks started with Linux and should work very well with the OS, plus "it's cheaper and generally runs better on less hardware than the Windows OS and is a good fit for the little netbook."

And WebOS has Linux at its core, so netbooks running on WebOS might be a pretty good thing. We know that the Pre is only the first device of many that will be running WebOS, so I'm going to cross my fingers that we might see a netbook from Palm in the future. Apple is rumored to be coming out with a netbook. It would be really interesting to see both Palm and Apple come out with a netbook.

Check out the Laptop Mag and the jkOnTheRun articles as they both have very interesting reasons why WebOS would be good on netbooks. Do you think WebOS on a netbook would be a good thing?