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After a couple random, strange reports on Twitter we have a random, strange thing to tell you: at least two tweeters report that they saw an update for webOS 2.1.0 available and went ahead and tried to install it. The second, @edibledawg, says it randomly showed up on his wife's Sprint Pre and, well, you can see the results above. The first, @EverythingBlaxx, saw it appear on a Pre 2 and successfully installed but apparently has run into bugs.

Nobody here at PC HQ has the update and sadly - as you can see above - @edibledawg's download didn't seem to take. So we're left with ....a strange bump in the night. We've seen such bumps presage webOS updates in the past. Perhaps HP and Palm wanted to give us a little gift before Feb 9th? We've certainly waited long enough for webOS 2.0 to pick up Exhibition and become available to the masses.

Update: TheCellularGuru reports that at least one Palm Pre 2 in Canada has received the update