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The teaser video from HP that appeared a few hours ago is certainly worthy of analysis - and analyze we have. That wasn't enough, though, as HP and Palm have also put up a countdown site where they're hosting that teaser video featuring the camera we spotted earlier. That video gets played in the frame you see above, a frame that looks more than a little tablet-like to our eyes. It's a silhouette of a Palm Tablet - what more can we say?

Ok, we can say a bit more. The tagline has changed also, if you hadn't noticed from our earlier post. Where as before we were exhorted to "Think big, think small, think beyond," now we're told to "Think big, think small, think ahead, think beyond." We've speculated that we'd see at least three different big announcements on the 9th, now we're wondering if we'll see four. That extra announcement might just relate to a phone that's more than just a "Teen Phone", if you ask us. Perhaps that March announcement that HP CEO Leo Apotheker hinted at before has been moved up to the Think Beyond event? Time will tell.