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Rumors surfaced (and were later confirmed and subsequently put into perspective) last month that Palm had suspended its manufacturing activates in China. The reason for that pause in production, Palm said in an official statement, was due to the Chinese New Year. It’s not unusual, as it turns out, for manufacturing companies in China to shut down for up to a month during the annual holiday, though some are convinced that there was a little more going on here than a business-as-usual production pause.

Regardless, it now appears that Palm’s manufacturing activities are back on track. CNBC’s Jim Goldman reports that production activities are back to normal. Palm confirmed to PreCentral that "manufacturing ramped back up at the end of February," noting that they "ramped up manufacturing prior to February in anticipation of Chinese New Year, then suspended it until late last month." As John Paczkowski notes at All Things D, the ramp up purportedly happened on February 22nd, "ironically, [...] right before" Palm released their updated guidance about poor sales.

In any case, the company's manufacturing phones again - huzzah!

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!