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Last week we reported that Palm was running out of cash fast, having only $220 million or so in reserve which some cocktail math might lead some to believe that they only have at most three quarters of solvency left.  As we briefly mentioned in that story, Palm is dealing with the situation by remarketing some of their Series C Stock and warrants acquired by Elevation in January.  They're looking to remarket about 18.5 million shares, which they're hoping will net them $49 million in additional cash.  Of course, if the stock market decides to have a conniption fit on any given day, Palm reserves the right to scuttle the plan until things chill out.

That vision you're having of a bruised and battered fighter, knocked down and woozily opening his eyes as the ref slaps "Eight!" on the mat, then clawing his way up the ropes and staggering around until, at long last, he finds his feet and summons up his last, heretofore unknown reserve of strength for One Final Punch ....it's a little melodramatic.  So cut it out.

It's not wrong, though.