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Palm Games

While Palm’s spiffy new PDK (Plug-in Development Kit) is right now limited to bringing fancy binary apps to webOS only from a few select developers, that isn’t going to stop Palm from showing it off to the masses. To that end, Palm will be presenting at this year’s Game Developers Conference. GDC will be taking place in March in San Francisco, just up the road from Palm’s Sunnyvale headquarters.

The hour-long presentation, scheduled for 3:00 pm on March 12, has a title that tells us pretty much everything we need to know: “An Overview to Creating Games with Palm's Plug-in Development Kit (PDK)”. But that’s not all, there’s also a description if that left you hungering for more:

“Come learn how to take full advantage of the advanced hardware capabilities of Palm's webOS devices--including full OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 support--using the recently announced Plug-in Development Kit (PDK). This technical session will provide an architectural overview of Palm's hardware and software platforms and then provide hands-on details for how the PDK exposes these capabilities.”

Which makes us say “Ooooooh.” Will we see new game announcements? Considering that they’re planning to demonstrate the PDK to game developers, we wouldn’t be surprised if the PDK becomes widely available around that same time.

Thanks to Baryn for the tip!