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We’ve had a lot of question mark posts here on PreCentral recently, but that’s just because things are mighty hazy right now. And to turn up the fog machine we’re going to bring you this little tid-bit: a webOS developer sent us the above screenshot, showing options for “Universal Search-enabled” and “Dock-enabled.” To call them options may be a touch generous, as they’re merely fields on the form that cannot be changed by the developer and as such are interminably set to “no.”

So then that begs the question: what does "Universal Search-enabled" and "Dock-enabled" mean? The former seams fairly easy to decipher: webOS will (eventually) enable apps to tie into Universal Search, adding itself as an option to search within the app. For example: a Twitter app could tie into Universal Search and you could launch a search straight into the app instead of going to the Twitter mobile site. The same could go for music players, shopping apps, restaurant finders, and every other app that has some sort of search function. Heck, even something like Preware could eventually tie in from the homebrew side once Palm releases the developer how-to.

“Dock-enabled” is the one that has us doing a bit of head scratching. Right now there’s only one dock: the Touchstone charger. When 'docked' to the Touchstone, webOS does has a slightly different behavior, showing the time an your recent alerts. Perhaps apps might be able to register widget-like glanceable information for dock mode? We'd also be pretty excited if there were a different dock mode - for cars. Check out Android’s car mode to see what we’re talking about. This one is definitely fog machine hazy.

Either way, while things are definitely quiet ‘round the land of Palm, it’s certainly not silent. There’s work going on, groundwork being laid, and so on. Excitement may not be the name of the game right now, but we’re working our way towards it.

Thanks to awesome developer tipster for the tip!