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We've seen the Palm Pre in the video demos from CES and in photos taken at CES. Only those lucky enough to have been at CES got to see a Pre up close or actually hold one. I've been curious as to how big, or should I say how "small" the Palm Pre is compared to other smartphones.

I recall hearing Dieter and Mike saying during their special Pre TreoCast that the Pre is smaller than the Centro. I thought, "Huh?" Wow, the Centro is pretty small so the Pre must really be small. That's not a bad thing though since much of the Pre's front real estate is taken up by its screen.

Over in our TreoCentral forums, in the "Link to Pre Questions Answered and Suggested Threads", forum member treoKing has posted some graphics from sizeasy.com. Sizeasy is a free comparison tool to help you visualize product size when you're shopping online for a smartphone. Above are some of the graphics showing the size comparison of the iPhone, Treo Pro, Treo 800w, Centro and Palm Pre. 

And check out the pics above from Palm Infocenter. You can see the Centro and Palm Pre pictured next to each other.  Plus you can see the Pre beside the Treo 755p. Those are some nice comparison photos.

The Palm Pre looks to be a very pocketable sized smartphone. I don't usually carry my smartphone in any of my pockets but I did slip my Centro into the front pocket of my jeans one day when I was out for a quick walk. The Centro fit perfect in my front pocket and didn't bother me at all. I can just imagine how the Palm Pre would be an even better fit. As you can read above, the Pre is just a tad thicker than the Centro, but I doubt it would make much difference. I can't wait to find out though!