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Well, well, the rumor mills are really spinning.  I just read in the TreoCentral forums that the Palm Pre will be available on February 15!!!  Boyhowdy, I hope that's true.  What a nice Valentine's Day present that would be for all of us Pre droolers.

TreoCentral forum member Vyruz Reaper said:

News on the market is palm pre will be avail 2/15. This is from the same source i got some info on for the palm 800w coming out... he was 75% accurate with his info on the 800 and its release.

Vyruz Reaper said that his source also told him that the Pre would require a data plan but NOT a SE or simply data plan.  The source told him that's a benefit of having a Palm, not requiring you to change your plan like the iPhone.

Vyruz Reaper added:

No wording on price. I dont know if he knew didnt know, but he always kinda shut me up when it came to price.

Sure would be nice if the Pre would come out that soon.  Some forum members are expressing their doubt since the FCC data on the Palm Pre hasn't even been released and the SDK isn't out yet either. 

We'll keep you updated on all the Pre rumors.  I sure wish this one would pan out.  But it really needs to be taken with a BIG shaker of salt!  Stay tuned!