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There have been some rumors circling the Web that Dell was making a smartphone, and some even expected to see the phone unveiled at last month's Mobile World Congress. Of course we here at PreCentral have been keeping our eyes on all Palm Pre news. Dell's mobile phone didn't show up at MWC, but Palm brought the Pre along for another look, but don't touch, showing.

Where was the Dell smartphone? Where is the Dell smartphone? Well,  unfortunately, Dell's smartphone has been stalled, and according to Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, it's due to a lack of interest from wireless carriers.

Wu also said that Dell's prototype devices, which were designed to run Windows Mobile and Android, have so far failed to distinguish themselves from the growing field of smartphone competitors. Dell's phone would be up against the likes of Apple, RIM, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, and Palm.

According to a  MarketWatch article:

"Palm Pre has not helped" Dell's efforts, Wu wrote, as it has generated "interest from carriers as a viable competitor."

This eWeek article also talked about the Pre being a tough competitor for Dell's smartphone:

"The Palm Pre, expected to be available by June 30, is surely also an impediment to Dell’s cause..."

But Dell hasn't quit. According to Shaw Wu, Dell has gone back to he drawing board. Hopefully Dell will bring forth a smartphone with more differentiation that will distinguish itself from the competitors. Yes, you heard me correctly. I would like to see Dell succeed. The more and better the competition, the better smartphones out there for the consumers to choose from. I like Dell and have 3 different Dell laptops and other accessories in the family. My husband used to have a Dell Axim handheld that he enjoyed using quite a lot. Dell makes some nice computers as they should seeing that they're the world's number 2 computer maker. Dell recently announced their newest laptop, the Adamo, said to be the thinnest laptop on the market. Adamo, in Latin, means "to fall in love with". Well, hey, Palm should have named the Pre that then, huh? So many of us are already in love with the Pre. It was love at first sight for me.

Update: Just wanted to add this quickly:  I was reading some more info on the Adamo and came across a PC World article in which David Coursey said: 

If you ask me, people who want Apple laptops already own them--Dell customers want Dell laptops. The Adamo is not a Dell laptop; it's a counterfeit Mac.

Obviously, Coursey isn't impressed. But he isn't really dissing Dell.  He goes on to say:

Dell laptops are supposed to be sturdy, functional, and feature-rich in a PC sort of way.  In fact, the most reliable laptop I have ever used is a Dell Dimension X300 that I have had for five or six years.

Anyway, back to Dell not giving up on the smartphone. According to this Barron's article by Eric Savitz, Wu also stated:

“Dell remains committed to the cell phone space as it appreciates the opportunity in smart phones and the longer-term cannibalization potential of PCs.” He adds that “at the end of the day…PC vendors may have an advantage over traditional cell phone competitors as a smart phone is more PC than cell phone with all the computer functionality and voice as a commodity.”

Plus Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu noted that PC makers like Acer (A1 Android Phone), Asustek and Lenovo are all beefing up their smart phone offerings.

Savitz thinks out loud at the end of his article and asks: Why isn't Dell bidding for Palm? I've heard that question asked before. Bob Faulkner of  RealMoney/TheStreet.com wrote an open letter to Michael Dell, suggesting that Dell should buy Palm.

So, should Dell buy Palm and forget about releasing their own smartphone? Or should Dell try to make it in the smartphone game up against the Pre and iPhone?