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Update:  Hmmm.... those UPS boxes that were seen being delivered to a Sprint store might have been some Sprint Treo Pro's getting re-stocked after being reflashed.  WMExperts talks about the RAM problem with the Sprint Treo Pro's and that they've gotten word that some of those Treo Pro's are being re-stocked now.

Well, well, we seem to have caught wind of another juicy Pre "rumor" today.  Forum member PedroTheGoat has posted some info via Palm WebOS Blog that there are some Palm Pre's being delivered to some stores.

The Palm WebOS Blog picked up a tweet that UPS is delivering Palm Pre boxes to a Sprint shop.  Below is that sweet tweet.  We sure hope it's for real!

And Palm WebOS Blog mentioned another tweet from a couple of days ago in which an Adam said that his aunt who works for Sprint has a closet full of Palm Pre's.

All this has us wondering if the Pre is really getting close to being released.  Probably not as close as February 15th.  We have a hunch that if the 15th is going to be anything regarding the Pre, it'll be that Sprint stores will have some Pre's on display.  Just a guess though.  Stay tuned...