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  Pre 2 on Sprint

See that above? That's a Pre 2 with a EVDO connection running on Sprint.

What now?! See, there was a serious Oprah moment here at Palm developer day - everybody at DevDay got a unlocked Palm Pre 2 in the "Raffle." Naturally, the first thing they did was get to hacking it. Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals took the radio / back portion of the Sprint Pre, married to the front of a Pre 2 (where the Processor, memory, screen, and keyboard live) to create the ultimate FrankenPre: a Palm Pre 2 running on Sprint.

Of course, such surgery requires some serious hacking - pulling the carrier tokens that uniquely identify the Sprint device and all the carrier-customizations from the Sprint 1.4.5 webOS Doctor, then mash them into webOS 2.0 using the MetaDoctor. It's magical, folks, but it also ain't easy or cheap - you'll be sacrificing two devices to make one Pre 2 on Sprint that is the furthest thing from warrantied possible.

So it can be done, it has been done - the unlocked GSM Palm Pre 2 can be ripped apart and married to a Sprint Pre to create a Palm Pre 2 running on the Sprint network. Kudos all around but we remind you: don't try this at home. You might wait and see if WebOS World is going to get in the game of breaking warranties and providing this service someday. In the meantime, check out the photo gallery of the whole sordid affair after the break!

By the way, WebOS Internals is currently holding a Telethon so that they can buy developer phones for all the fine folks working on their hacking team. If you haven't, it's time to go donate so that magical hackery like this can continue on webOS 2.0.

Update: we meant it when we said don't try this at home. Right now WebOS Internals can get it to work with a new Palm Profile, but it's still bugging out a bit with existing profiles. It's also not clear if it will work with future Palm webOS Over-The-Air updates. We also should say again: no more warranty. Developing (literally!), we'll update you when we hear more.