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The Palm Pixi was here at CTIA 09, but not in a big way. Sprint reps had it on hand and gave us some time with it. There's nothing new here, honestly - it's the same build we've seen before with webOS 1.2.9 (but don't read into that version number too much, the '.9' there is pretty much just an internal build number tossed on there for testing), Facebook app, Yahoo integration into Synergy, and so on.

Still, the form factor continues to amaze, the lack of WiFi continues to disappoint, and the fact that we don't yet have firm pricing or availability continues to frustrate. All of the preceding emotions will be amplified for you as you gaze upon our Pixi gallery, after the break!

Update: What's a hands-on without the video proof? Video embedded after the break as well :D

[YouTube Link]