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We've already seen the Pixi invade Sprint's systems, displacing the "Palm C40" to reveal itself as the "PALM120HK." That's all well and good, but Palm is aiming to have the Pixi displace the Centro as their mass consumer smartphone, and one great way to do that: personalization. So yet another anonymous rep shows the news: it appear Sprint is getting ready to offer not just a plain black Pixi, but also the Pixi in pink, the PALM120PNK. It's a "kit," so we may just be looking at a pink back cover, but either way it's a nice sign.

Usually handset makers wait until after the first rush to start rolling out the colors, so we don't know that it will be available at launch. We hope it is, though, because despite the color being pink, the move is aggressive.

Update: Per the comments, looks like plenty of Sprint phones come with a pink "kit" but aren't otherwise offered in a pink color. So while it would be a natural move to offer the Pixi in multiple colors, for now it doesn't look super likely.

Thanks Anonymous!