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  Facebook Beta

Facebook Beta for webOS just now has been updated from 1.2.5 to 1.2.30 (we assume that's a 'dot thirty,' aka bigger than .five ;) ) and it's brought a few new features that we're digging, many of which we saw teased just a couple of weeks ago:

  • The ability to filter the news feed by category of updates you actually care about, as well as toggle comments on and off.
  • The ability to browse the app in landscape mode
  • It looks like all notifications are properly marked as 'read' when you view all notifications
  • We are also seeing a lot of very nice and subtle animations throughout that look new to us

If you have the Beta installed, just check for updates to get the new version. If not, head on over here and click the handy-dandy install link to get a download link texted to you.

Update 1: Palm's own Justin Ried has just posted a changelog, after the break.

Update 2: We also have Palm's own Developer Center Blog chiming in with an interesting bit about how they have implemented a custom way to present a large list by adding paging buttons - a feature we wouldn't mind seeing in other apps.


Selectable news feeds. Now you can select which news feed you'd like to view by type (i.e. status updates vs. photos vs. links), networks (i.e. workplace or school), locations and lists. You can also switch comments in the feed on or off by swiping down from the top-left corner (to bring down the app menu), tapping on Preferences & Accounts, then switching Show Comments in Feed on or off.

Revised photo tagging. Users can now tag both themselves and their friends in photos. To tag someone, simply upload a photo, then view it on your profile. Tap on the photo, then tap on the tagging icon that appears below it. Begin typing someone's name to select them from your friends list, then tap Done.

Clearing multiple notifications. To clear all of your existing notifications, tap on the notification globe at the top-left corner of the app, then tap See All Notifications, then perform a back gesture (by swiping from right to left below your screen).

Support for landscape viewing. Just tilt your Palm webOS phone to the side and Facebook for Palm webOS will switch orientations accordingly.

Thanks to @JohnLBurger for the tip!