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Dieter posted up an article on Wednesday about an Apple exec talking lawsuits at the Apple Quarterly Conference call.   Yep, Apple COO Tim Cook said that if their competition ripps off Apple's intellectual property, they'd go after them.  Tim stated that they weren't mentioning any specific company.  LOL, no need to mention a "specific" company though, huh?  I'm sure that everyone knew exactly which company Cook was referring to.

Rene Ritchie over at our sister site The iPhone Blog got wind of a PC Mag article in which Palm has commented on Apple's possible lawsuit references.  

From the PC Mag article:

A spokeswoman at Palm said Thursday that the company has not been contacted by Apple's legal team, to her knowledge. "Palm has a long history of innovation, obviously reflected in our own products and our own robust apps portfolio," she said. "We have long been recognized for our fundamental patents in the mobile space. If we're faced with legal action, we're confident that we have the tools to defend ourselves."

When asked whether gestures like "pinching" were universal, or belonged to Apple, the Palm spokeswoman said that "our position is that multitouch has been around a long, long, long time before Apple introduced it."

In his recent article, Dieter referenced a few patents Palm could probably sue over; one of them being 'cradle for synchronizing data'. Another interesting one is a patent for turning off the radio via software.   Hmmm, I do believe I used something very similar while in a hospital waiting area yesterday.  It was when I had to turn off the "airplane mode" on my iPhone when I saw a sign letting me know that all cellphones should be turned off.

Looks like things could get pretty prickly in the lawsuit arena.  We'll be watching to find out what happens.  Stay tuned....