Palm coins a name for the gesture area tap: "meta-tap" | webOS Nation

Palm coins a name for the gesture area tap: "meta-tap"

by Derek Kessler Wed, 10 Feb 2010 4:21 pm EST

Gesture Area

If you aren’t tapping a button on the screen, and you aren’t depressing a physical button on the keyboard, chances are you’re doing something in the gesture area on webOS devices. For the last several months we’ve been talking about “holding in the gesture area and pressing the [x] key” to do certain functions like copy and paste, now Palm has coined a term to make it easier to say. That term is “meta-tap,” which is Palm speak for tap-and-hold in the gesture area. Why change it? For one, it’s a whole heck of a lot shorter to say “meta-tap + C” for copy.

While it has a name, we’re not sure it’s going to catch on any time soon, as "meta-tap" just isn’t very descriptive. Also, technically, wouldn't a meta-tap be tapping the tap itself? What is the sound of one tap tapping? Does the gesture area have the meta-tap nature? Do not confuse the tapping finger with the gesture area. Zen of Palm, indeed.

But at least if you’re reading some Palm literature, now you’ll know what it means. Meta-tap, it’s the future.